On December 13, 2015, the Onondaga County Legislature voted on pay raises for our own legislative positions. I voted NO on this resolution. I do not wish to make a public statement about the legal process that was used to determine the legality of these raises. However, the government waste of taxpayer dollars that was created by elected officials fighting over this issue and using it for their own political gain is despicable.

Since the resolution did pass and I was getting the raise regardless, I decided to donate my raise to others. That raise amounted to $2,927.82 over 21 pay periods, which I donated to religious, charitable and political organizations (actually $2,930.00).

In late 2016 I agreed to give back to the County my raise. That’s right…the one that I already gave away. I happily did so. It is not about the money for me and it never has been.

Words like character and integrity are important and matter to me. However, they are easily thrown around in politics and used by people for their own misleading purposes. Actions speak louder than words. I have found that you have to dig for facts, just like you had to dig to find this! I hope that this gives some insight to my public service. I

Sincerely – Tim