Taking the oath of office

Public Service Experience
I serve on two standing committees, the Health (vice chair) and Environmental Protection (vice chair), and also serve appointments to a variety of advisory boards. In these positions I work in your behalf. I am proud to have served our community for the past five years in elected office, first as Town Councilor and later Deputy Supervisor for Town of Cicero, and the past two years as your County Legislator.

Professional Experience
Using my 27 years of financial experience, I work to find ways to continually decrease the tax levy, to curb or cut costs, and to better serve our residents. Spending your tax dollars sensibly means looking at the long-term costs and benefits of each project, not just the impact on next month or next year. I am currently a Director with Empower Federal Credit Union, and my prior position was as Finance Director, Driver's Village.

Earth Day, 2017

Volunteer Experience
Throughout my life, it is been in volunteering that I discover the basic concerns and issues that face a community. I shared those thoughts in this article I wrote on the Value of Volunteering. From childhood on, I have volunteered in civic, educational and religious organizations and enjoyed many years as a basketball coach for teenagers.