Welcome to my website. I represent the third district in the Onondaga County Legislature which includes most of the Town of Cicero and a small part of the Town of Manlius. As your legislator I serve on two standing committees to represent your interests: Health (vice chair) and Environmental Protection (vice chair). Additionally, I serve appointments to the Entrepreneurial Council, the Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board, the Fish Advisory Board and the Region 7 Fish and Wildlife Management Board. In each of these positions I constantly work for things that will benefit you, the residents I serve.

Using my financial experience, I work hard to find ways that the tax levy can continue to decrease. This proves to be a challenge. I look for ways that government can curb or cut costs and better serve the residents of Onondaga County. Your tax dollars must always be spent sensibly. That means looking at the long-term costs and benefits of each project, not just the impact on next month or next year.

My commitment is to invest in our community and to make the area more attractive for businesses to increase employment. Improvements and proper maintenance to our roads, for example, make travel safer for our residents and support businesses as they grow.

I encourage all residents to periodically visit the Legislature‚Äôs website, using the links at left side of this page to stay up to date with all that is being done by the Legislature and your community. I especially encourage you to view County Executive Joanie Mahoney’s 2016 State of the County Presentation to be more aware of what your legislature is doing for all of us. You are always welcome to contact me with your concerns.